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uh, ryan...estimates of the death toll are at 600,000.


wow, do you have a source?


I haven't had a chance to research the matter. But I heard it through the grapevine and then second to last episode of Dykes to Watch Out For lent weight to the rumor. One might rightly scoff at counting a comic strip as a reasonably credible source of information, however, I should point out that Allison Bechdel has recently been invited to panels at law conferences to discuss her coverage of legal developments in the States, so i know she doesn't throw around information haphazardly. if you do a little digging, i'm sure you'll find more info.


ten seconds later:


"The new mortality survey of Iraq that estimates 600,000 deaths by violence is startling and should alter the way America thinks about this war.

The John Hopkins University researchers were meticulous about the methods used to randomly choose the survey sites and analyze the data. It is state-of-the-art work, and its accuracy is not an issue. The survey is the only scientific account of the war dead. There is no other, and those who publicly dismiss the findings must offer an alternative. There is none. Every other account is deeply flawed in method, and this one is not. It is standard in epidemiology and disaster response."


Actually DTWOF is among my most trusted media sources. Astonishing and horrifying.

kelly g.

"robbing the daily show of one of it's most absurd punchlines"

Hey now! They still have Senator Sam "jeebus wants you to adopt a frozen embryo" Brownback. Twice the xian craziness, minus the fecal matter.


I pointed out Allison Bechdel's credentials for the benefit of the wider audience. that picture of the santorum fam is creeeeeepy.

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