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brenda with a one b today

ok, that sorta sums it up. thanks for answering so fast. i didn't realize that we christians all think your swearing cursing hate filled words wern't said in hate. i was wrong i guess it just sounds like hate when you read it. i couln't imagine anyone,say, having an anti gay website and saying all kind of mean nasty things about gays and then saying, gee i hope noone thinks i mean all this in hate.lol.and the judgemental christians imposing their values on you.who's imposing anything on you? it's ok for you to say whatever you feel like and if anyone else is, oh their evil,trying to tell me what to do! noone cares what you do or what you think.who could care? it's a free country to run yur mouth anywhere and anytime you want to and i'm glad you do. I just felt really sad last night after I went home and was thinking about you because in my wildest dreams or worst nightmares, I am never filled with so much hate or maybe a better word if you don't like to believe you hate so many people, -disgust. i guess your just disgusted with christians. i can understand that.most of them make me sick to,but i would never make a page like this and call it,say, gays are funny and put all kinds of mean nasty stuff about them. I try and keep my discust to myself,and i'm not talking bad about gays, i could care less what other people do, i just ment, how would you feel to come across a gays are so funny page as it's as near and dear to your heart as Christ is to me. so anyhow..thanks for your time and you have a real talent for making web pages i must say and i will be checking you guys out from time to time. i'm a reader and you have alot to read..thanks again, brenda--


"and the judgemental christians imposing their values on you.who's imposing anything on you?"

Brenda, last Tuesday seven states passed ballot initiates that specifically deny benefits to gay people or ban gay marriage (which at the very least denies me thousands of rights and benefits that straight people enjoy). I think that's an imposition.

Sure it's childish for me to mock stupid christians...but you started it by crapping on my rights (and making me pay taxes on the benefits my company provides my partner). You can say whatever you want about gay people, but stop throwing extra taxes at me.


Last night, before I went to sleep I was thinking about what all you said. I realized that I really was mistaken about the whole thing. All of a sudden as I lay there, I did laugh! And I realized, that page really is funny and I must of just had the stupid typical knee-jerk reaction that a million people have before just sitting back and really looking at something from some other persons perspective.Everyone has their own ideas and thoughts and lifestyles. I didn't mean to step on anyone rights, I really enjoy all kinds of people. I always have a good time where ever I am and I have been alot of places with alot of different people. I really just want to say, I was wrong and I’m sorry I went over the top there for a minute. I think I just saw Christ being poked fun at and I wanted to jump in, open my big mouth and start swinging! Without even stepping back and taking a closer look at the situation. I assume that’s how a lot of trouble in this world starts. Sheesh! Anyway, sorry I lost it there for a day or two. J I will relax, open my eyes and mind, inform my friends, just try and see the other light sometimes. Have the best Turkey day ever!

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