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I always like the statment of defense to roe v wade as A woman's right to choose, with her body. No can argue that. What part of the female anatomy is a "fetus" ? I can't seem to loacate it in a medical text. Back to the right to choose, yes your time to choose is right before sex. To have unprotected sex after a bight of drinkin or not. Thats when you get to choose not after you have Co-created another life. A human being is a combination of two NOT one.

Consider this a man shoots and kills a woman who is pregnant is it a double homicide or only one?

google "A jury in Lubbock, Texas convicted a man Friday of two counts of capital murder in the killing of a pregnant woman .."

How many people would think he should be only convicted of a single murder? Answer No one Why? think about it which is it 1 or 2 lives.


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