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kelly g.

The last time we were in Rochester, the hubby found a vegan version of the garbage plate at Two Paisans Pizza (http://twopaisans.com/), along with some other goodies, like a Vegan Buffalo Sandwich Sub, a “Phillysteak” & Cheese Sub, and a Vegan Calzone. He was so excited, he ordered one of everything right before we left. I'm a fussy eater (sweet peppers, ewwww!), so I didn't really like any of it, but he sure dug it. Might be worth a trip next time you're in town :)

Oh, and I'm proud to say that I've never downed a garbage plate, not even back when I was an omni.


Oh dear god, I never heard of people like me referred to as omnis. That means I eat everything. Not that I eat all types of carbon-based once living things, but that I EAT EVERYTHING! Now really people, I don't eat everything, I mean, I won't eat your children, I won't eat your socks (some of these do take on a life all their own), I won't eat everything I run across that is edible. I do show some restraint and there are foods that gross me out too(that garbage plate is a case in point). I will now don the sack cloth, smear ashes on my face with grief and shame over the notion that I eat everything. Loathesome-sounding descriptor, I reject thee!

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