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A friend of mine was a cardiologist at the Animal Medical Center. If the rest of them are anything like him, I can only imagine how wonderful they are.

And hopefully this means kitty is all better now?


Goodbye, sweet Finney.

A good vet, like a good doctor, is a real treasure. So sorry you had to struggle with the bad apples. The whole barrel is not spoiled.


Goodbye, sweet Finney.

Oh no! I thought that "Kitty turned around in 24 hours and left the hospital as good as new." meant that Kitty was fine! Oh dear!


I wonder if your Dr Bill Farmer is the same doctor that has been taking care of my 2 puppies.

I go to the Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital in the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill area. And Dr Bill Farmer has been our vet for a year. I was upset to find out that Dr. Farmer had left when I brought my youngest in to get neutered yesterday. They didn't even tell me that he left. Another doctor examined my baby and took him away for the operation. I just thought Dr. Farmer was on vacation or had the day off. Then I noticed his name was not on the board at the receptionist area. I asked the nurses and they wouldn't tell me anything. They just said he left and they don't know what happened. It was weird.

My baby had some complications during the routine surgery which I was forewarned of. He needed a overnight stay and is now fine. But I felt that we didn't get as good as care as when Dr. Farmer use to be there.

My boys love Dr Farmer! He has always been so patient with me and my million questions. I was a first time dog owner when I met Dr Farmer and he took the time to reassure me and answer all my questions. I was a newbie.

I might have to investigate to see if our Dr. Farmer is the same. Maybe I can give Paws N Claws a call.


Yes, Binky, Kitty got great care from these vets, but one of the many vets we went to was really horrible, and he died. We didn't know it at the time - and I don't know enough about vetrinary medicine to lay blame precicely - but I think the one vet could have done a lot more.


So so sorry to hear that, and for misunderstanding. My heart goes out to you.


I have been coming to Dr. Farmer at Paws and Claws for 2 months now.I can see he has a gentle touch and a way with animals.He handles my hyperthyroid cat with extreme care plus Dr. Farmer is very attractive. I love going to see him. I know he will take care of my cat anytime plus the hospital is very clean. Great place.. Great Doctor. I love Dr. Bill Farmer! Thank you gorgeous!

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