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I should have worn one these on Zanzibar - maybe I would have gotten fewer disapproving looks from the hotel staff. Still, it does leave those sinful forearms and calves exposed...


What do Amish women wear to swim? I'm guessing it's au-naturale.


It is about time someone has come out with a modest swimsuit that doesn't make every woman look like she's flaunting her wares.
If we cause a man to lust after us we have sinned.
We are to keep ourselves pure until marriage, and married women are to keep themselves only for their husband. What
husband would want his wife to bare her body in public for all to see and other men to drool over her. A bikini or scant bathingsuit leaves little to the imagination. It also shows that women who wear them have very little self respect.
I am very pleased to see this new line of swimwear available to women as an alternative.


Haha great post. I have heard of people wanting modest swimwear but honestly this is a going a little overboard

Lisa Compton

Just like liberals to tear down wholesome ideas and modesty. I think these outfits are fine. It's a person's own choice of how much to expose. I think more people should cover themselves instead of letting it all hang out. It's gross to see how women dress nowadays. I actually looked up getting some of these suits because I am modest. I am not a religious fanatic and do not attend services. I just don't like to show off my body. Plus, I can not be in the sun too much, do to medical reasons.

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