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kelly g.

I think this is the sweetest thing I've read all week:

"This fall, whether it's ready or not, the Broward School District will make some sort of history. Thanks to a showboating transsexual guardian angel and the little boy who insists he's a girl."

Nicole's one lucky girl, to have such supportive parents (and she's really gonna need the support come puberty). I still remember getting into knock-down, drag-outs with my mom in high school because I liked to wear men's trousers. Oh, the horror!


i wonder how Aurora in Ohio is now, as a 12 year old? it makes my heart heavy.


the cult of black masculinity was the law of the land urban new jersey, where i grew up. pulpits and the barber shops were proving grounds. pastors and playground bullies were judge, jury, sheriff and deputy.

were this not the case, i would have sauntered into my third grade class clad in sequins and stilettos. but then, i just wanted to be fabulous. though seduced by feminine ways of being, at no point was i committed to reliquishing the capital afforded me by my maleness.

cheers to understanding parents, whose love -it seems- has the power to create safe spaces for us to be who we are.

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