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wait. are tom cruise and john travolta queer? is john travolta a dianetics freak too?


Heidi, I want some Canadian ignorance too. I bet no one ever talks to you about "brangelina"


brangelina? never heard of it.

it probably also helps that my only exposure to mainstream media is billbords, bus ads, and grocery store check-out lines (only once every other week or so).

i listen to cbc radio a few times a week (canada's equivalent to npr).

yes - ignorance is bliss. but still, you haven't answered my question!


Ok, to answer you specifically, there are many, many rumors about both being queer, but scientology is very strict about keeping in the closet. #2 is yes.


why are so many movie people scientologists? good thing gwen isn't into the film scene, despite being a film-maker!


Heidi, congratulations on avoiding knowledge of such things. More power to you. I strive for this state. :-)

Ryan, I went through a Scientology phase a few month back. Not a conversion scare lol, but just was really curious and had some free time. Listened a lot of talks from former high level folks who had escaped (literally). Very interesting stuff from a cult recovery point of view. I find it all very interesting because I was into Hubbard fiction as a young teen. Funny to read analysis about how it deals with Hubbard's hot topics like psychology. Odd in retrospect.

Funniest thing to me is that Hubbard wrote a scifi decology (think trilogy) where the main characters created a church because they needed/wanted to make money. I've always found it odd that he basically laid it out in his fiction that Scientology is nothing more than a money making scheme, yet still is persists. Says a lot about the cult of personality.


damn. i think i just figured out what brangelina is. this information comes solely from staring at tabloid covers at the grocery store. good thing i don't have to go to that kind of grocery store very often.


Eh, don't feel too bad. I only learned what it was a few weeks back. I hated it immediately.

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