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Well.... it seems I am stupid enough to choose 'a lifetime of discrimination.' But hey, the sex is good *wink* Love the blog and living up to the stereo type, I have excellent taste in music!
I can do a stereo type as much as the next hetro!


""""""""""The so-called fraternal birth order effect is small: Each older brother increases the chances by 33%. Assuming the base rate of homosexuality among men is 2%, it would take 11 older brothers to give the next son about a 50-50 chance of being gay.""""""""""

"I have three older brothers, but I'm bad at math, so that leaves me at about an "eh, probably gayer than the rest" chance of gayness, but at least I fit the model."

the base rate is 2%? no no no assuming the base rate is 10% (come on now, right?) someone with 1 older brother = 13%
2 older brothers = 18%
and you, Ryan had a 24% chance of being gay.
It would take about 6 older brothers to have more than a 50-50 shot of being gay (according to the study)
----- but it can't be all random, there's some recessive gene stuff going on here, too, right?

(and i wouldn't quite credit those numbers about so many ignorant folk either so much......)


What about a first-born fraternal male twin, whose twin is a girl, who has no older siblings at all? What is the likelihood due to birth order there? Now there's a math problem.


Oh, the specific numbers don't matter as much to me as the ideas (statistics lie, but generally in the right direction) behind them. I totally believe there's that many ignorant people out there given all the recent anti-gay legislation. Bastards.

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