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How sad that you feel that way about upstate NY. Having lived here all my 52 years, I think it is a wonderful place - beautiful country and diverse people. The one thing that this area has is warm people, most of whom are unpretentious and genuine, down-to-earth and unassuming. While I love to travel and want to see more and more of other cultures and places, this is the best place on earth.


Sonja, I'm not trying to disrespect my home. I'm really quite conflicted about it - there are a lot of great things about upstate NY. Unfortunately, there are more bad things - for me - like people yelling "hey faggot" and throwing bricks at me.


oh, come on...flying bricks are fun!


I've only visited Upstate once (have a great uncle who lives there), and I distinctly remember a feeling about the whole place. That picture could well have been a room in Uncle Victor's home. I'm far from an expert, but I have to say my experience matches that very well.


"this is the best place on earth."


Please travel more. While Upstate NY is nice is its own economically depressed way, it is hardly the best place on earth. That is taking ethnocentrism to an extreme.

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