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LMAO!! Thanks for the write up!! Excellent!
Too bad the "headquarter's" site is down!!


thank YOU. I snickered audibly at your post. Love the photos.

kelly g.

Is it just me, or does Christ's mouth on the waroneaster.org's banner look like a vagina?

On a more related note, I'm happy to report that my local library actually has a copy of "The God Who Wasn't There" - especially shocking since I live in Kansas!


(!) It took me a while to see the Christ around that vagina!


"(!) It took me a while to see the Christ around that vagina!"

me too! i don't know if i would have seen it all if i hadn't been told to look for it.

I thought this was really hilarious until i read one person's post about planting easter-egg-filled fliers around a church for kids to find. then i cklicked on the fliers link to see the fliers specifically directed at children.

this strikes me as an activity equally manipulative and destructive towards children as Christian and anti-choice propaganda directed towards non-christian kids. EXTREMELY disappointing! what it's no longer satirical, ironic, funny, or fair to *use* kids in this manner. and yes, i see it as using children to get at their parents, just like those we would criticize do. what effect do they really think these fliers will have on little kids? they're fooling themselves if they think the effect will be anything other than bewilderment, confusion, and/or distress - let alone the likelyhood that fanatical parents might be inspired to further excersize control/censorship over their children's lives. Telling children that their parents are bad is *always* damaging, no matter how fucked up the parents may or may not be.

sorry for being so serious, but that really pissed me off and is indicative of the general lack of responsibility towards the well-being of children that our culture exhibits. damn.

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