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It always seemed to me that there was something bogus about those protests, however i have never looked closely or investigated. But now that i do look at it, that blood is totally fake. why is fake blood always pink? you'd think that the fake plood people would have recognized this flaw by now. I mean, especially when half the population has close encounters with blood on a regular basis. Below is a quote from the Wiki entry that is definitely poblematic. by the way, i don't think you fully explained the chrysler building element in your post - i have no idea what chrysler has to do with it!


Li as a savior or supernatural entity

Another feature of Falun Dafa is promotion of Li’s role as the exclusive savior of mankind in this “Dharma ending” period; In Zhuan Falun [10] he states “If I cannot save you, nobody else can do it.” If a Falun Gong practitioner were only to do the exercises, but fail to follow the requirements of the Fa, that person would not be considered a Dafa disciple. Falun Gong practitioners are promised the possibility of becoming "Gods" as long as they safeguard and uphold the Dafa. In 2003, Li Hongzhi said: [11]

"I have truly borne for you the sins you committed over hundreds and thousands of years. And it doesn't stop at just that. Because of this, I will also save you and turn you into Gods. I have spared no effort for you in this process. Along with this, since you'll become Gods at levels that high, I have to give you the honors of Gods at levels that high and all the blessings that you need to have at levels that high."


Sorry - a bit of an inside joke. They protest in front of the Chyrsler Building - and Rockefeller Center, among other touristy spots - with regularity. There's usually a woman in a cage. Like most fundamentalists, they seem more concerned with theatricality than theocracy, but I'm not close enough to judge more accurately than "fundy freak"

I wouldn't want to be associated with any protest that resembles a prolife protest. Bad.


a woman in a cage!? impressive. i've only ever seen giant posters and banners. they have a building in town that has big banners always posted up in front of it. sometimes they set up downtown too, but that's about it. re: chrysler building - i was hoping for soem quality conspiracy-theory intrigue!!


Oh, we are talking serious spectacle here. There usually at least a dozen people total - the spares either hand out flyer/tracts or get their tai chi on. Quite a spectacle combined with a couple people in make up. Took me a while to decide they weren't wax (it was a hot day, so that didn't make much sense at all)


so they actually dress up like toture victims - meaning that, unlike fake photos, everyone knows it's a dramatization? that's totally wierd. can you imagine anyone doing that in relation to *actual* torture victims? perhaps it's a cultural thing, but to me nothing would be more inappropriate.


Yeah, it's gross on many levels, but look at all the publicity they get. Totally successful protest - have to give them that.


publicity? as in, do they acutally get media coverage? i've never seen that, but then again, i mostly avoid the media. speaking of which, can you apdate me on this whole nuclear strike / generals asking for rumsfeld's resignation /bush taking his fucked-up evil to even *more* horrifyingly unprecidented levels business?


Yeah, Falun Gong gets a moderate amount of press. They hit my radar b/c a woman was protesting Jiang Zemin in DC yesterday and as I heard her ranting on NPR I decided to look them up on wiki to figure out what their deal was.

As for updating you on all that bs... You probably don't want to know, and I'm not the best to explain - I tune out the horserace stuff, so aside from confirming that a bunch of generals have based rumsfeld (and then another bunch defended him) I'm not much use.

The rest is the continued march towards war with Iran, which my brain has trouble reconciling, so I have no details...



: ) i'm glad i caught you : )


I feel very saddened that we can live free here in America to the cruel extent that we have no feelings for others in countries like China where innocent people are really getting tortured. I have seen the victims and seen the scares. Everyone commenting on this website should spend some time in a slave labor factory or try surviving eclectic batons at 20,000 volts. Have you ever thought of why Falun Gong practitioners would bear the heat to show the world what is really going on? Because this is real in China. They believe in Compassion so where is yours? This site is misleading, as it knows nothing about ancient Chinese cultivation systems like Qigong or how about Yoga? You should read higher-level text and you will find the same there as well. Educate yourselves before making such rash brutal comments. Should the universe conform to mankind’s warped human behavior or should we start to wise up?


Uh, I don't think my site is very misleading. All religious nutjobs are mocked in a fair and even-handed way. Posting your talking points here won't win you much support, and why haven't you addressed the homophobia of Falun Gong? You came to my site from a google search for "Homophobic Falun Gong." Anything to say about that?


Hey guys,

I just stumbled on this blog and I tend to disagree with everyone.

I know the Falun Gong quite well and what they're trying to do, I think, is raise awareness to the persecution of their brothers and sisters in China. By re-enacting the torture methods used on them in China they hope that they will get attention from the international community to stop this atrocity.

As for Wikipedia, being an open website that anybody can edit, has been a problem for those oppressed by say a communist regime like the CCP - Chinese Communist Party. As well as the anti-Falun Gong who will not hesitate to add their hate propaganda to the website. So please be careful...what you see there is not necessarily true.

The homophobic cult insult is used in America to degrade people to the lowest--and it's just that--a mean way of saying I hate you.

As far as I know the Falun Gong open their door to anyone that is willing to learn their philisophy--the teachings are not imposed on others--I know that much!

But people don't have to embrace the belief system of any group in order to support a humanitary cause. After all the CCP is killing those people like flies, cutting up their bodies to sell their organs to foreigners and cremating the bodies to hide the evidence. (http://www.faluninfo.net) I think that all that is reason enough to support this group. At least they're doing something about it.

How many theatrics would you/we put on to stop this insanity--especially if it happen to your/our own relatives?

The UN said they would do something about it but it might be too late by then.



Funny you should use words like "degrading people to very lowest" because that's exactly what your Master and savior, Li Hongzhi, does to homosexuals. He says we are dirty, disgusting and demonic, that we do not meet the standard of being human, and that homosexuality (which is degenerate) will be eliminated when his Fa-rectification is completed.

The problem with the Falun Gong...and what makes it a cult...is that it deceives the general public about it's true teachings and agenda. Li Hongzhi, who claims to be the only one offering salvation for humanity during this period of the Last Havoc, tells his followers that they must work to destroy the Chinese Communist government in order to reach salvation. Stories are fabricated by the Falun Gong in order to reach this goal, and critics are routinely attacked or belittled by the army of Li's devoted "disciples"...his word, not mine.

I hope everyone who wants to learn more will read the Wikipedia article which is the first major public source for information on the dark side of the Falun Gong.

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