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We're not going to get the chance to see either this or Brokeback Mountain in our smalltown (I'm betting, at least).

Your review sounds like some of those I've read about every actors "retarded" movie (Gilbert Grape, the Other Sister, you name it). That it's more about the actor/director doing the "C category are people too and aren't we great for being involved with this movie" and/or "look at my compelling oscar hopeful performance" than an accurate portrayal.


That should be "X" category.


I think this is a little harsh. For one thing, I haven't heard of very many roadtrip movies-- especially ones that didn't consist of skanky co-eds or were for the purpose of a runnaway teen bit. I also don't think that people give enough credit to expanding or converting old ideas-- everything has to be brand new in every way. As for Boys Don't Cry, I agree that that was an amazing movie, but people can also argue (and I've seen it done) that the player- like aspects of Brandon portray the stereotype that transsexuals, like homosexuals, are supposedly just perverted sex-fiends.
If they conciously made the decision on how exactly to package the character of Bree, like you suggest, they did it just as much for liberals as they did for conservatives, trying to keep stereotypes out of it. I find that one of the most compelling things about this movie was the complete distinction between the gender identity aspect and the sexual aspect-- I know tons of women who are shy, prudish, and insecure, just like Bree-- so why should a woman that had been trapped in a male's body be any different-- she's still a woman. And you know what, the insecurity she has does come from being transsexual, directly from it,and that doesn't portray transsexuality as a disease as much as it portrays that the conditions : the people around her, societal norms, and gender roles as the disease. I highly doubt that she would be as depressed and reserved as she is if she hadn't been transsexual - which triggered the awfulness of her mother and in itself made her feel like her body was wrong. Finally, there are a whole HELL of a lot of people who think that transsexuals look like shoddy drag queens- so, again, for us liberals, they were shooting down a stereotype. Either way, we have to take what we can get. A character that conservatives can find human could do a lot of good and the most important thing is that the word is out there, because its been a while.

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