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I think you are being slightly ungenerous to the air marshalls by suggesting they were "trigger happy". If the guy does have a bomb, they get blown up first.


It's true that I'm being ungenerous, and I should have been more clear that what I'm postulating is a devil's advocate scenario to contrast with the talking head line on TV. I by no means believe this to be true - I just think it's as much a possibility as what the government is saying, given the skepticism of witnesses.

Oh the other hand, no one has ever blown up a plane in the U.S. with an IED (correct me if I'm wrong) so isn't it kind of extreme to assume the worst and use deadly force so quickly?


I see your point, but in this situation, what other kind of force is there? The 'shoot for the trigger finger' thing is complete fiction. (TASER? Maybe, I don't know enough about such things as range, accuracy and immediacy of impact to speak intelligently on the matter). Like I said on my site, it's sad and tragic, and Mr. Alpizar is as much a victim of terror as anyone on 9/11.


I think the most upsetting thing about this mess to me is that Alpizar is a victim of the unjustified of Americans. It's chilling how things have changed.

Jesse Scott

Supposedly this guy passed through TSA screening and could not have a bomb. Are we now to believe this infallible process is not so effective after all? And what of the news now that TSA wants to put Air Marshals in bus, train, and subway stations? No screening. More risk. A lot more people with backpacks. And definitely a lot more weirdos. How many murders will we tolerate?

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