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A year or so ago a friend of mine moved down to Texas in the Houston area. She used to be a pretty liberal minded person (or at least I thought so) yet since then she became considerably more conservative to the point that for a while we regularly got into rather heated debates on politics and the like. After the elections there were several months that I could barely even talk to her due to my newfound disdain for conservatives.

Eventually I was able to get over it and patch things up with my friend, fiscal conservatives I figured were mostly just greedy and thus it was only really social conservatives and their desire to force their beliefs upon others that I had a problem with.

So just recently she and a few of my other friends in that area told me I should come down to visit and I was seriously considering it until I read this. It's unfathomable to me that anyone can view this as anything other than pure hate, clearly prejudice and bigotry are still going strong in Texas even if other southern states have gotten their heads out of their asses.


I don't think everyone in Texas is all bad - I've got a cousin that moved down that way and she's kept her sanity. It is hard to talk with someone who's opinions are hurtful, though... Sometimes I think these bigots forget that their abstract opinions actually effect flesh and blood people.

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