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Hey - shock of all shocks - i scored almost exactly the same as you! good thing there's no personal asceticism gauge, otherwise i don't think we'd end up *quite* as close to ghandi...surprisingly, this test scored you as less economically permissive than me (by a whole 3%), the opposite of the last political coordinate test, if i remember correctly.


by the way, who's the dude in the shades in the upper right-hand corner?


Is that the unibomber? If so, I was unaware of his social permissiveness. Murder and mayhem must fit into that somehow... or that's just the last quadrant of the chart they had room in.

Your score proves you to be the capitalist pig I always suspected, Heidi.


I figured out the unabomber, but who is in the middle? With the crazy eyes...is that John Stossel?


Is it television's lovable watermelon-smashing Gallagher?


I don't know, but that's the guess that made me laugh so hard my cat had to abandon ship, er, lap.


Let me be the first to be stereotypical and note that there's only one woman on that chart.

Dude, I totally scored a Ghandi.


Lauren, if it makes you feel better, I read that Hillary Clinton may just be a man.


How dare you call me a capitalist pig, you commie bastard!

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