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The thing that you all dont understand is the amount of spiritual warfare that comes with being a christian...there are all kinds of spirits out there waiting to torment believers and making them believe they are powerless to sin...

Christainity is not a social religion, thats why as a christian, I believe in the separation of church and state.

She wasnt persecuting anyone, she was just taking spiritual authority over her personal atmosphere...its something a non christian could never begin to understand...

I was tormented in college because of the prophetical call on my life.

david bandel

I'm an Atheist, but I hope my kids are prepared to avoid the harmful effects of the liberal brainwashing that comes as a side-course with any academic institution.

There is no greater enemy to free thought than the doctrine of blind-tolerance/acceptance and the church of environmentalism. These things are based on even less rationality than religion. And I consider religion to be wholly irrational.

However, considering the intelligence of myself and my partner, there is genetic reason to believe my kids will be mostly immune to the teachings of lieberals without our intervention.

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