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This is an unfortunate situation for Mexico. As close neighbors of the US, with so many Mexican immigrants in the US, they will catch hell. This is very sensitive imagery for Americans. In Germany, any toy depicting a Nazi figure is strictly banned to bury the a deplorable past in the past. Perhaps that could be a solution to this imagery which, in contrast, is being celebrated.


More important than offended Americans is the experience for Mexicans of non-european ancestry. To grow up in such an openly racist culture is a hardship no one should be forced to endure.


Actually, Mexicans aren't so much racist as a society as they are classist. They seem to look down on the natives ("Indians", though a misnomer) and have a serious class divide in society. But they don't have much diversity so, race doesn't consciously enter the picture. The subconscious is another story. (Full disclosure: My wife is Mexican and we visit family in Mexico regularly)

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