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Marlene Kess (according to volunteers) also had cats crated in her garage, which the NJAC seem to have overlooked. Because of an error the Judge could not do more than fine her and give her community service to perform - but even that was too much for marlene kess to do in atonement. Atonement for what? She denies doing anything wrong.

See: http://ahscares.org/showarchive.asp?=129 Marlene Kess (one ex-Director of KittyKind) was convicted of animal abuse and fled NJ (where she would not be able to live off income from "rescued" cats) into Brooklyn. She wormed her way into a free rent situation and seems to be injecting her poison into a rescue group in Brooklyn. Marlene Kess claimed that many of the pictures taken were "set up". When her first trial didn't work out the way she wanted it to go, she changed lawyers claiming they didn't know what they were doing. Everyone was wrong except for her - the Judge didn't see eye to eye with her either. Denial is strong business.

Also, read http://mysite.verizon.net/vzeyfg4f/kittycatfosterpitfalls

Find the Court transcript (all 11 pages) in Google. Try "State v. Kess*NJ". Read for yourself how her lawyer split hairs to reduce her fees but could not erase the verdict.

She is a criminal and like a criminal has no conscience, she just picks up and continues business as usual. She never lost a drop of sleep over the cats that died in her home AND garage and were decaying in her back yard in garbage bags! Read some of the preposterous denials she made to the investigators and later to the Judge.

Don't let time fade away the atrocity of her actions in 2005. How many times does she need to repeat her acts of cruelty to animals before she finally goes to jail? How many other rescue groups does she need to damage with her cold hearted actions? Does she think she's above the law? I guess so, as long as she has an enabler she will continue to think that whatever she does is ok. An enabler such as someone who helps pay her court fees, someone who helps her get a lawyer, and people who tell her what she wants to hear or who do not tell her that what she has done and wants to continue to do is not helping the animals but using them for her ego and livelihood.

KittyKind itself doesn't have better ethics. Their next director, Hilary Harris, claimed not to know about the many cats being fostered in a crowded, one bedroom apartment by a WTC survivor; claimed later that they were not KittyKind cats and with the support of the Mayor's Alliance managed to wiggle out of the responsibility of providing food and veterinary care for the cats in that home that KittyKind managed to turn into a shelter.

The next Director, Cathy Cristle, also claimed that there were no KittyKind cats being fostered by this woman. A few more changes down the line in Board of Directors members and KittyKind continues to operate out of the same location; Marlene Kess continues to hide behind another rescue group in Brooklyn and I continue to receive emails from people who have been wronged by KittyKind and/or Marlene Kess.

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